Inn-based tours

The members of "L'Art en chemin" run a wide variety of accommodations from which you can depart to discover contemporary art on the territory: with this formula you sleep every night in the same bed: this is a perfect way to discover the area while ensuring a beneficial rest! The accommodation is varied and includes hotels, lodges, guest rooms, campsites, centres,...: there is something for all tastes and all budgets!


You can choose from three different possibilities: 



- Be your own guide:

You book your accommodation and you discover the art creations on your own. All tenants who are members of "L'Art en chemin", were trained on the theme of contemporary art and land art. They are therefore able to effectively assist you in organising your excursions. They can provide you with lots of books and maps that will help you in your research. 

- Mixed trip:

You book your accommodation and you ask one of our mountain guides to accompany you on some of your hikes, on a private basis.

- "All inclusive" trip, acompanied by a professional guide:

You will be completely taken care of and will benefit from an "all inclusive" formula (accommodation, meals, guidance). One of our professional mountain guides will take you to the art creations scattered around your accommodation. These trips are aimed at small groups (accommodation in a hotel or a cottage) or at larger groups (schools etc., accommodation in a center or large gîte). You will find a full description of the "all inclusive" trips we organise over the coming months by clicking on the picture below or by checking our tour calendar. (*).

If none of the tours offered corresponds to your dates, needs or desires, please contact us in order to discuss a personalised tour for your group/family.

 (*) During low season these sections could be empty. Please contact us for the organization of a personalised tour.