Discover the world's largest open air museum of modern art with 

"l'Art en chemin"!  

  Over the last twenty years the UNESCO GEOPARK OF HAUTE PROVENCE has become, thanks to the Gassendi Museum in Digne-les-Bains, a true workshop for CONTEMPORARY ART CREATIONS IN NATURE (LAND ART).

Major contemporary artists created their artwork after immersing themselves in the history of the land, hereby gaining an understanding of the environmental, geological, cultural and social characteristics of the territory. The sunny, unspoilt Provençal and pre-alpine landscapes harbour this new form of creativity. The best way to enjoy this open air museum is on foot.

In Haute Provence, art has escaped the museum to greet you at many twists of your journey.


 The aim of "L'Art en chemin" is to help you discover this new artistic approach. 




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