Mountain guide

04230 Revest Saint Martin


I was born in 1959 and I studied Naturalism and Oenology, which did not stop me to get excited about art and literature from a very early age. My interest in books even pushed me to work in the world of graphic arts and printing for quite a while.
I started as a mountain guide in 1992 and as an environmental educator since the 2000s. The cultural dimension has always been important in my approach. I also propose literary hikes with the "Centre Jean Giono" since 1995.
As an environment educator I regularly offer an artistic approach to nature through art and nature sessions, with children, or sometimes families.
Furthermore, I have practiced watercolor painting for a long time.

The key word seems to me to allow oneself to cross the border: creativity is not the mere fact of artists recognized as such, it also nestles deep inside us. Trying to find it is a way to better understand the artwork we visit, and an amazing experience.
Spoken languages: French, English and Italian
Telephone number: +33 – (0)4 92 75 80 02 ou +33 – (0)6 83 42 04 06.
Address: Les Granges 04230, Revest Saint Martin.