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As a mountain guide and yoga teacher, I organize and accompany stays worldwide. But I particularly like to spend some time around home and discover the impressive amount of contemporary artwork  along our hiking paths: it awakens a new way of understanding our environment.

All the pieces of artwork are not "beautiful"! But they haven't necessarily been created to be beautiful, they help us see the world in a different way by using the artist's look on our region.

By changing our way of "looking" at things for a at least a little moment  we offer ourselves a chance to think differently, to open up to other mental patterns and finally to enjoy the world around us in a better way...


Spoken languages: French, English, German

Website: http://www.camping-mandala.fr/mandala-voyages/

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Address: Le Village, 04420 Prads Haute-Bléone

Telephone number: +33 – (0)6 88 18 48 68.

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