"Land Art" workshops for children and teenagers



I completely agree with the quote from Vincent Van Gogh:

 "Keep your love for nature, for it is the only good way to better understand art"

It is sometimes difficult to educate children to art: strengthened by my experience with them and as a privileged partner of Gassendi museum in Digne les Bains, I designed a workshop in which we combine short walks, awareness for art and educational workshops.
The department of Alpes de Hautes Provence became an internationally renowned "spot" for Land Art: Joan Foncuberta, Andy Goldsworthy, herman de vries, Paul Armand Gette ....
We will discover the artwork of some of these artists but also make children create their own Land Artwork, collectively or individually, using the changing aspects of nature according to the season.
You will find the description of my workshop by clicking on the link below (in French only). Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.