Discovery days

with Pierre PAILLAT 




Still too often, in the encounter (or confrontation) with a piece of art whatsoever but especially visual art, everyone remains distant: the artist on one side wearing a label of "who-knows-how-to-do, "and the viewer on the other, clearly in the role of "not-allowed-to-touch". Physically too, the artwork is put into a distant, sacralized place ... : museums, monuments, theaters.

In the Digne area, a clear choice has been made with the artists, to display and develop artwork in and with the landscape.

The very nature of these creations, their location, make that they are accessible at any time, without going through the usual ritual, without any barrier. One can choose his time, touch, go around, discuss, get inside for some, sit and have lunch with, spend the night next to, or against...the artwork. 

We suggest you go to meet one or more of these pieces of artwork, particularly those of Andy Goldsworthy and to cross the barrier between the role of artist and the one of spectator.

The approach will of course include the use of our body: we will hike to the site and get in close contact with the artwork: we will turn around it, exchange points of view: from a distance, very close, installed inside it, perhaps approach it blindfolded or lie at the foot of it. Relax in any case, and dream.

In principle, it is only after having done all that, that the artwork will be explained to you. It will be put into perspective, the approach of the artist will be clarified as will the rest of his work.

Finally, we will "pass the barrier," roll up our sleeves, and, in a place chosen by us, we will be "put to work". We will express ourselves with objects found in nature surrounding us and we will create a piece of artwork in relationship with the landscapes. But if the need arises, other channels will be explored: writing, drawing ... the objective being to express ourselves.

This approach will also enable us to feel what issues, challenges and pleasures the artists who create in the middle of nature are confronted with.

Nothing is really easy, and yet everything is possible.

Day trips, possibly half day (3 hours minimum), or, with a night in one of Andy Goldsworthy's "refuge d'art" or near it (in a tent). We will agree together on the artwork visited according to its accessibility, your availability and your project.

Designed for: Schools, cultural associations, groups of friends.

Periods: avoid the bulk of the winter, the sites are in a mountain area.


For more information, please contact Pierre Paillat.