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- Medical correspondent of the Institute of research and training in mountain medicine (Ifremmont)

With a degree in Political Sciences, Luc moved to China for ten years, where he learned Mandarin at the University of Languages ​​and Culture in Beijing and became a reporter (Geo, correspondent of L'Express ...). He discovered the most remote corners of  China (Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Manchuria ...).

He has published several essays and travel stories (including Travel Through Prohibited China, reissued in Pocket in 2016).

                Today, Luc splits his time between the Hautes Alpes (Queyras, where he comes from) and Provence. Passionate about travel, ecology, ethnobotany but also history and literature, Luc has made several long walks independently in the wildest corners of nature. Among these: Two months in uninhabited Tierra del Fuego (Chile) and, in 2012, a crossing of Iceland in complete autonomy, from the east coast to the west coast, through the desert highlands (twenty days and 500 km of walking, of which 85 km on glacier).

                He organizes each year several treks in autonomy in the north of Tibet (China), a region he knows well and where he has been hiking for twenty years.


Spoken languages: Franch, English, Chinese.


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