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04140 Seyne-les-Alpes


Originally from Provence, my attraction for traveling led me to study languages ​​(English and Chinese). I had longer or shorter stays abroad before moving to China.

I lived in Yunnan for 12 years, where I developed links with Chinese people who allowed me to travel around the region, from the tropical valleys near South East Asia to the pastures of remote Tibetan yaks and monasteries. I discovered my passion for the mountains and hiking and for 8 years I accompanied groups to discover Yunnan and neighboring provinces.

Back in France, I am, since 2013, mountain guide in Provence, Haute Provence, and of course in China, where I return regularly. I am passionate about plants and their multiple uses throughout the ages, as well as the imprint of traditional life in today's landscapes.

I propose you to hike to the many land-artworks which are present on our trerritory, and to discover what they reveal to us about Haute Provence with its rich and varied natural and cultural inheritance.




- Spoken languages: French, English and Chinese

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