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05100 Puy Saint André


Born in 1976, I have a background in history, art history and literature, areas that have always fascinated me and pushed me to develop a career as a journalist. After a few years spent at Radio France, I decided to go back to my first love: nature and mountains.

Since 2007, I have walked from Corsica to Iceland, from the Mercantour to the Pre-Alps of Digne, in sports or contemplative mode, in search of beauty in all its forms.

I love to share these suspended moments that Nicolas Bouvier describes so well: "I have the feeling that the world is made of different elements - the light, the colors, a music that comes from near or far, an odor from a kitchen, a presence or an absence, a silence - and that all these elements conspire to create harmonic monads. And there are moments (...) where all of a sudden we perceive all these harmonics. That is to say we hear all the voices of the score instead of hearing only one, as usual, because we live in a linear time, we have a past, a future, we make projects which distracts us from the present moment".


Spoken languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian.

Address: 79 Le Grand Chenal, 05100 Puy Saint André

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