Mountain guide

« Artisans de la Randonnée »

Very early on, it was first through literature that our mother nature appeared to me as a fantastic land of adventure and discovery, and it was only natural that I became a mountain guide after a first discovery of the world.
I specialized in polar lands and the savagery that characterizes them. However, I remain very attached to Haute-Provence where I like to forge links between people, to meet local producers, artists, musicians, or actors. Make sure to widen the field of possibilities by associating Art in all its forms and Nature.
Andy Goldsworthy's work, which makes nature the workshop and museum of his art, is a gift to our region. I am delighted to have the chance to be one of his messengers.
I will be delighted to make discover through literary hikes, performances or creations of Land Art, the riches of our beautiful Haute-Provence.

Spoken languages: French, English




Telephone number: +33 – (0)6 83 28 73 54