Matthieu CARON

Mountain guide


04380  Thoard


I go hiking and wild gathering since I was a child. My initial training in ecology, followed by my first professional experience in the Ecrins National Park, naturally led me to become a hiking guide in the Southern Alps in 1998.

After spending some time away from this profession, first in local civil service, then in the performing arts and poetry, I finally returned to my first love in 2015. Since then, I've been roaming the trails of the Alps and beyond, combining naturalist observations with sensitive, scientific and artistic environmental education.

I'm not so much a sportsman as a contemplative mountaineer, inviting you to discover life in all its forms and the history of the societies that have lived there.

Spoken languages: French & English



Address: 700 Route de Champtercier - 04380 Thoard

Telephone number: +33 – (0)6 40 17 96 20.